About Me

I have a passion for learning and growing spiritually, artistically, physically and emotionally. I am a seeker of knowledge and for expanding beyond a limited point of view. I love connecting with people, sharing my creative spirit,  curiosity  and witnessing other people’s happiness and growth. I am a seeker of the truth, not only in myself but love talking with people as they discover their truth.

I see the best in people and will not hesitate to share that with them, I love the look on their face, when they feel like someone has really seen them. I love sharing information and feel that it is the greatest gift to assist people in accessing their talents or gifts that are just waiting to be reconnected with them.

In 2015 – I decided that it was time to reconnect with drawing and painting; after putting my artistic pursuits aside since my early 20’s. I really wasn’t sure where to start and discovered that I was terrified of actually putting paint on the canvas! I made a pact with myself that I would give myself permission to fail forward and….. I took a leap of faith. A few months into my art explorations I came across Flora Aube and discovered the “Art of Allowing” and her online art courses. (The “Art of Allowing” process founded by Artist Flora Aube is an intuitive and transformational painting process that opens you up to your own wisdom, insights and artistic expression.) Two and half years later I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith and found the artist within. The “Art of Allowing” was a perfect match for me and well aligned with my training in “energy work”; such as: Reiki and Axiatonal Alignment that I have participated in since 1999. I regularly practice Yoga and meditation and I am a Certified Art of Allowing Facilitator.

I make art because it feels like an extension of who I am- it is my soul’s expression, my heart and music – I tap into something unseen and birth life into what wants to come forth. I feel deeply connected to my soul and spirit when I am touching, feeling, drawing, painting, cooking and gardening; I am the instrument of something magical.