This weekend taught me something about myself I never knew I had inside of me. It allowed my inner self to shine through.
It all started with the meditation which was powerful… it took my body a while to surrender… and to just breathe, and then we did the visualization. This put me in a good place. (Dianne voice was very soothing) Cleansing the room with sage gave a sense of calmness.
The ambiance Dianne created, with the set up of the room and candles, provided a calm, peaceful environment, which allowed my mind to be free of the weeks clutter, and opened my mind up to my creative side. (Which I did not know existed)
Dianne‘s teaching approach was always encouraging and gave me the confidence, that there were no limitations to what I would accomplish.
Her hands on instructions and examples, made it easy to understand, why and what we were doing at all times.
Dianne taught me how to use the tools provided, as well as how to care for them.
It was truly amazing to see my painting come to life as we worked on her throughout the two days. Unfortunately I have not finished her, but I am very excited to continue.
Leaving Dianne’s class I came away feeling totally inspired. This experience opened up a whole new world for me.
Dianne is truly a gifted artist/ teacher, who inspired me to be a better person and to appreciate all life, has to offer.
Thank you for sharing your time and giving me this gift, I am very grateful.

– Katherine-

How often in life do we as women or artists allow ourselves free flowing creative expression? This premise is the foundation for the “Art of Allowing”.

Beginning with the soothing meditation and guided visualization, this sets the tone for the mind to let go and start creating!

Dianne’s teaching style is positive and supportive offering skilled guidance when needed. Her expertise and well stocked art supplies allowed for a seamless process.

I had the opportunity to try different mediums on my canvas which enhanced my experience level and will serve me well in future projects.

The hours flew by unnoticed, absorbed in the development of my painting, it was truly an enjoyable learning experience.

I am certainly privileged to have taken part in such a spiritually enhanced creative process.